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To Pulse or Not To Pulse?

Bob Page, March 2009

You can't expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools and expect to be in business tomorrow.

Which Gas Do I Use for Each Welding Application?

Art Waskey, March 2010

Broad stroke educational and reference guide on the proper gas for each application.

MIG Aluminum Welding A Better Way

Art Waskey, January 2011

Introducing the Miller Electric AlumaFeed Synergic Aluminum Welding System.

Sequential Pulse

Bob Page, May 2009

Sequential pulse MIG technology for aluminum.


Machinists, Is It Time to Dump the Messy Lubricant For Good?

Bob Page, April 2010

Liquid CO2 as coolant/lubricant as opposed to traditional petroleum based flood lubricant.

The Power of Cost Reduction

Bob Page, February 2011

TECH TALK branched off from our PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT (PE) program which has produced documented savings to end-users, cumulatively, of well over $500,000.  

PE Brochure - Supplemental Document

Welding Influences

Steve Duren, June 2009

There are so many elements that influence weld quality...but have you stopped to think about HOW they influence the weld?

Digital - A Clear Choice

Steve Duren, May 2010

The world is living in a digital age. It may come as a surprise, but digital welding machines have been around for a number of years.

Wire Diameter And How It Affects the Weld

Steve Duren, March 2011

Selecting the correct wire diameter for MIG, Submerged Arc (SAW), and Flux Cored Arc (FCAW) welding can be a challenge. This article will offer some insight into choosing the correct size for your projects.

What's the Real Cost of that Cylinder Gas?

Art Waskey, July 2009

Have you looked at your industrial cylinder gas consumption lately?

Our Most Popular Light Industrial MIG Machine

Art Waskey, July 2010

The Millermatic 211 Auto Set

The Importance of Welding Equipment Certifications

John Miller, April 2011

With the standardization of quality control specifications, many businesses worldwide have become ISO compliant. Read this article to better understand the importance of compliance to these standards.

Nagging Welding Problems, Simple Solutions

Bob Page, August 2009

Sometimes, and more often than you might suspect, significant and painfully annoying welding problems are caused by commom and commonly overlooked culprits.

Virtual Reality Comes to the Welding Industry

Bob Page, August 2010

Lincoln Electric's VRTEX 360

Is Your Gas System Creating A Potential For ODH?

Jef Frick, May 2011

When does the use of seemingly harmless "inert" compressed gases create a risk for ODH (Oxygen Deficient Hazard)?

Over Welding: Stronger Welds or Weaker Wallet?

Steve Duren, September 2009

While there are times when extra reinforcement is necessary, have you ever stopped to ponder the trade offs for adding the extra weld metal?


What to Consider When Choosing a Regulator

Steve Duren, September 2010

There are many things to consider when choosing a gas regulator for a specific application; desired range of outlet pressure, inlet pressure, gas purity, desired flow, gas compatibility, and so on. For this article, the focus will be on one, often overlooked, variable; Supply Pressure Effect.

Big Savings In Pipe Welding In The Outdoors Environment

Art Waskey, June 2011

Join us as we evaluate possible savings in welding large pipe (sizes varying from 10” to 140” diameter) in an open, outdoors environment shop.

Plasma May Be Your Cutting Answer

Art Waskey, October 2009

For many years, oxy-acetylene was the process of choice for cutting steel; the plasma cutting process has progressed to the point where it has become economically superior for most mild steel cutting applications.


Proper Operations of Liquid Cylinders

Greg Liley & Art Waskey, October 2010

For an industrial, medical, laboratory, beverage, etc. gas users of 5 or more high pressure cylinders of a specific gas type per week, a money saver may be converting to a liquid container. And for those of you that have made that discovery, we would like to review the proper use and operating procedure of liquid cylinders.

Finally, Self Shielded Flux-Cored Structural Wires With Appeal

Bob Page, July 2011

For decades the welding industry has been moving away from the manual stick process to the semi-automatic self-shielded flux-cored wire process for general structural and steel erection applications. Join Bob Page as he offers his perspective on this topic.

OSHA, Hexavalent Chromium, and Fume Protection

Bob Page, November 2009

Engineering controls, toxic fumes, and methods of reducing them.


Case For Metal-Cored Wire

Bob Page, November 2010

Since their introduction to the welding industry approximately 25 years ago, and especially over the last 5 years, metal-cored wire has seen significant gains in popularity at the expense of both flux-cored and MIG (solid) wire. The reasons are many, but this discussion will primarily compare and contrast metal-cored wire to MIG wire in the spray transfer – the transfer to which metal-cored wires are best suited.

Too Much Cheese In The Refridgerator? Consider Industrial Vending

Steve Duren, August 2011

Recognizing the need to continue to help customers reduce their overall costs, General Air became an AutoCrib distributor. AutoCrib industrial vending can be used to dispense so many different items from safety equipment to welding supplies - even a single welding contact tip. Conservatively, purchases can be reduced by 15% to 20% when those items are placed in an AutoCrib vending machine.

Click Here To View AutoCrib Brochure

Can a Gas Help You Go Lean?

Steve Duren, January 2010

Shops of all sizes have found the advantages of Lean Manufacturing and are applying Lean tools to their operations. Can a gas help eliminate waste?

Got Gas?

Steve Duren, December 2010

Ever run out of gas in the middle of a project? Check out these pithy ideas to prevent untimely run-outs!

Eye Wash Station Checklist