Safe, reliable, and easy to use. Tote by General Air is an oxygen cylinder with a flow meter and

on/off valve all in one protective handle. Flow selector dials just click in place, thus avoiding

mistakes in setting flow rate. Easy to read gauge allows you to be always on top of your O2 supply. Contact us for more information!

General Air has been at the forefront of Colorados medical gas supply industry since 1970. By introducing creative, progressive solutions to ever-evolving industry standards, GAs reputation for unsurpassed product purity and uncompromising customer service has earned it unparalleled loyalty among its medical industry clients.

Medical Gases
  • USP Oxygen
  • USP Carbon Dioxide
  • NF Nitrogen
  • USP Air
  • USP Nitrous Oxide

Medical Mixes
  • Medical Laser Blends
  • Lung Diffusion Blends
  • Blood Gas Blends
  • Medical Device Blends

High Purity Products
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • Helium

Bulk Gas (in volume, 50 to 15,000 gallons)
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • Helium
Dry Ice
In rice, pellet, or slab form, for optical, biomedical refrigeration applications in the event of power outage, or when supplemental refrigeration is needed


Precision Equipment & Accessories


SteelLite liter-per-minute oxygen delivery unit with regulator and built-in on/off

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Gas Manifolds

Medical gas manifolds are automatic, regulating gas management systems. The primary use is to reduce gas cylinder pressure into normal working pressure. This allows uninterrupted gas flow. Manifolds are available in high pressure and liquid configurations.


Gas Control Equipment

  • Custom-designed systems
  • Gas pressure regulators
  • Flow measurement/control
  • Blenders
  • Filters and purifiers

Safety & Cylinder Handling
  • Cylinder storage and restraint
  • Signage
  • Carts
  • Environmental monitoring instrumentation
Cryo Preservation
Stand-alone and supplemental cryogenic preservation equipment and accessories, including freezers, alarms and controls, vacuum-insulated piping, and med/lab sample storage units

  • Gas Management Solutions (GMS):

    General Air recognizes many clients need unique gas solutions to meet the demands of their specialized gas needs. These clients need much more than a supplier; they need a business partner that can help manage their resources more effectively.


    GMS evaluations typically include:

    • Environment and Safety
    • Purity
      • Analysis of delivery stream
      • Regulator analysis and standardization
    • Purchasing, storage, and plant distribution
    • Web based account management (AMP solutions)

GMS Logo

  • Online Ordering*: General Airs Account Management Portal (AMP) Solutions is designed to give the end user more ordering control and greater access to account information. Place an order, view purchasing history, order status, usage, inventory and delivery reports, or access material safety data (MSDS) sheets for the products you order. *AMP Solutions coming in 2010

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  • Online Gas Level Monitoring: Our Telemetry system accurately transmits your bulk container data to your secure, customized General Air website portal. Detailed, easy-to-navigate screen interfaces allow you to read tank levels, monitor gas usage trends, and determine the number of days remaining on any given gas supplyby container, location, region, truck route, or overall organizational usage. View inventory reports, delivery truck routes and driver information.
  • "Rapid Fire" Cylinder tracking:

    General Airs industry-leading cylinder barcoding system enables the end user to confirm a delivery, check inventory levels, and track cylinders by job, delivery date, gas type, cylinder size, department or location. It eliminates cylinder exchange inaccuracies caused by human error, and minimizes loss and liability associated with cylinder misplacement and/or theft.

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  • Installation and service:

    General Air has four highly-trained and experienced technicians available for consultation, installation, maintenance, training, and service. Each has been certified for HCI, Health Care Installations, and brings with them a unique talent, including experience in the manufacture of cryogenic vessels, multiple engineering certifications, and decades of experience. Simply put you will find no more capable group available when it comes to helping you find a solution to any and all of your cryogenic and or gas supply needs.