Powermax 45
Hypertherm Powermax 45

Handheld or mechanized plasma system for cutting and gouging metal

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Versatile
General Air has been at the forefront of Colorado's supply industry since 1970. By Introducing creative, progressive solutions to ever-evolving industry standards, GA's reputation for unsurpassed product and uncompromising customer service has earned it unparalleled loyalty among its specialty gas industry clients.

General Air stocks and distributes the following industrial gases, welding equipment and related consumables:

Industrial Gases (available in a variety of cylinder sizes*):
Acetylene Hydrogen Argon / Carbon Dioxide Blends
Argon Nitrogen Argon / Helium
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Argon / Hydrogen
Compressed Air Propane Argon / Oxygen
Helium Propylene 3 component mixes

*Most gases are also available for bulk delivery.

Dry Ice

In rice, pellet, or slab form

Equipment and Consumables:


Welding & Cutting Equip
Advanced Process Welders
Automated Systems
Cutting Machines
Engine Driven Welders
Handheld Guns & Torches
Machine Guns & Torches
Mig Welders

Multi-process Welders


Filler Metals
Aluminum Consumables
Cast Iron Consumables
Cut Length Wires
Flux-cored Wires
Hard Facing Consumables
High Alloy Consumables


Gas Apparatus
Check Valves
Flashback Arrestors
Flow Meters
Gas Blenders
Hoses, adapters, fittings


Face Shields
Hearing Protection


Abrasive Disc & Wheels
Air Compressors
Air Tools
Arc Gouging Torches & Acces.
Chop Saws


Anti Spatter
Cylinder Carts
Cylinder Storage
Electrode Holders
Ground Clamps
Heat Indicators
Metal Markers

Plasma Cutters
Robotic Welders
Spot Welders
Stick Welders
Submerged Arc Welders
Tig Welders
Water Coolant Systems
Wire Feeders



Maintenance & Repair Alloys
Metal Cored Wires
Mig Wires
Stainless Consumables
Stick Electrodes
Submerged Arc Wire & Fluxes




Oxy Fuel Accessories
Cutting Tips
Welding Tips
Heating Tips
Brazing Tips



Monitors and Calibration Equipment
Safety Glasses
Welding Fume Extraction
Welding Helmets




Drill Bits
Hand Tools
Iron Workers
Magnetic Drills
Punches & Dies



Mig Gun Parts
Rod Ovens
Tig Torch Parts
Welding Blankets
Welding Cable
Welding Curtains

  • Productivity Enhancement: Our team of welding, gas and fabrication-process experts leverage General Airs expertise by developing and implementing customized solutions that save our clients money. Clients that utilize General Airs Productivity Enhancement program realize an average annual savings of $20,000. To learn more about this program, contact our Productivity Enhancement team at 303-892-7003.



  • On-Line Gas Level Monitoring: Our web based system accurately transmits your bulk container data to your secure, customized General Air website portal. Detailed, easy-to-navigate screen interfaces allow you to read tank levels, monitor gas usage trends. (Click here for more information)
  • Welder Repair: Our authorized, highly trained and experienced repair technicians are well equipped to perform machine repairs, calibrations, and certifications. We are an authorized repair facility for Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, Thermal Arc, and Esab. Contact 303-892-7003 x 1599 for more information.


  • Onsite Equipment Demos: Schedule our demo van to visit your location so you can "test drive" a new machine before your buy. We provide onsite setup and training (operational, safety and maintenance) for all the machines we sell. Contact 303-892-7003 to schedule your demo.


  • AMP Solutions* (Online Ordering): General Airs Account Management Portal is designed to give the end user more ordering control and greater access to account information. Place an order, view purchasing history, order status, usage, inventory and delivery reports, or access material safety data (MSDS) sheets for the products you order. *AMP Solutions coming in 2010

  • "Rapid Fire" Cylinder tracking: General Airs industry-leading cylinder barcoding system enables the end user to confirm a delivery, check inventory levels, and track cylinders by job, delivery date, gas type, cylinder size, department or location. It eliminates cylinder exchange inaccuracies caused by human error, and minimizes loss and liability associated with cylinder misplacement and/or theft.
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