General Airs trained specialists are highly equipped to help our clients determine the most effective solutions for their specific beverage production processes. From the smallest carbon dioxide and nitrogen cylinders, to mid-size liquid dewars, to high-capacity bulk installations, General Air will recommend an optimum gas storage solution for your specific beverage gas needs.

Carbon Dioxide
Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide Beer Blends

Beverage System Equipment

Cylinders are available in a variety of sizes for many different gas applications. From CO2 cylinders as small as 7.5# for the home Keg-er-ator, to 219 cu ft helium cylinders for party balloons, to small to mid sized beer blends. Whatever your gas needs we have the solution for you.


Threedom System

The Threedom system is comprised of a set of three cylinders: 50 or 75# acting as one unit. The Threedom system offers all the benefits of high-flow bulk gas delivery, with no change-out of cylinders, no product loss, and a convenient flat-rate billing feature. This is the most economic and efficient system available, and is completely safe, reliable and hands free. Ideal for small to medium sized restaurants.

Small Bulk Storage

450 and 750# systems are available and commonly used for medium to large sized restaurants and swimming pools. FIlled onsite, small bulk storage is a safe and hassle free alternative to handling cylinders.

Large bulk storage systems
When your volume has outgrown small bulk storage, larger vessels are available. 2 ton to 30 ton bulk storage systems are commonly used in small to large volume beer breweries.

Nitrogen generators
Nitrogen generators are used in a wide variety of process applications. They are designed to create nitrogen without the problems associated with handling cylinders. Get the nitrogen you need with less hassle and lowered cost.

  • Perfect Pour Program:
  • Our beer foam analysts will evaluate your system to ensure it runs efficiently from keg to pour. Most restaurants leave thousands of dollars on the table serving beers that are either flat or too foamy. This analysis will save you time and expense, and help you provide your customers with the best possible beverage products. For more information, contact our beverage experts at 303-892-7003.

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  • Response Guarantee:

    We promise to respond to all of your gas run outs within 2-4 hours. General Air will partner with you to protect your highest profit-generating product. Our entire team stands behind this guarantee because we understand how devastating a gas run-out can be to you and your customers. If were late the fill is on us!
    *Guaranteed delivery time during normal business hours; Monday Friday 7:30am to 5pm. Excludes customers outside of the Denver Metro service area.

  • On-line Gas Level Monitoring:
  • Our Telemetry system accurately transmits your bulk container data to your secure, customized General Air website portal. Detailed, easy-to-navigate screen interfaces allow you to read tank levels, monitor gas usage trends, and determine the number of days remaining on any given gas supplyby container, location, region, truck route, or overall organizational usage. View inventory reports, delivery truck routes and driver information.


  • Installation and service:

    General Air has four highly-trained technicians available for tank installation, training, and service from fill box to tank. These technicians have decades of experience, and are simply the best in the business.

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  • United CO2

    Did you know that General Air is a part of United CO2, a partnership across the United States, dedicated to providing service in the restaurant and beverage industries? United CO2 is a full service, beverage grade CO2 provider offering innovative and value-added services. We strive to create a successful partnership through understanding the customer needs. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships by exceeding expectations and gaining trust through exceptional performance.


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